John G. Prendergast School

Joseph Apicella, Principal 

Nancy Snopkowski, Interim Assistant Principal

Prendergast's Grade 4 were the "Kings of SBAC" Checkers Tournament winner! In a rally to get excited about the upcoming testing, grade levels faced each other in human checkers where staff played as the checkers pieces. Besides the checkers, the theme of the rally was "Twice, Twice" which reminded students to check their work twice before submitting their test. The students and staff even made a music video to remind test-takers to check their work twice. It can be seen here:

Good luck to all our SBAC test takers!

#twicetwicebaby    #humancheckers

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The mission of John G. Prendergast School is to establish a nurturing and challenging learning environment where the school, family, and community form a partnership to ensure each student can reach his or her maximum potential. As a result, all students will become confident lifelong learners and contributing members of a diverse society.

John G. Prendergast School is the home of over 810 K-6 scholars. Mr. Apicella, Principal and Mrs. Snopkowski, Interim Assistant Principal, work relentlessly with a staff of over 140 to support, challenge, motivate and inspire students as they acquire the skills necessary to be life-long learners and leaders.

In order to build strong parent and community relationships, to accomplish the goals of our school improvement plan and to maximize the learning of all our students, Mr. Apicella, Mrs. Snopkowski and the staff have an “open door” policy. We invite parents and community members to have “face to face” conversations with administrators and staff in order to be informed of the goals of the school, the accomplishments of our learning community and to exchange ideas.

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