Faculty and Staff

Principal: Ms. Amy O'Brien
Assistant Principal: Mr. John Coppola

Secretaries: Mrs. Korin & Mrs. Kershaw

 Nurse: Robin Frohle

Attendance Officer:Kizzyann Hall

Each classroom teacher will have a "conference day" in which he or she can help struggling students and meet with parents after school. 

Please contact your child's teacher if you would like to make arrangements.


Conference Day
Conference Day
Grade 4
Stephanie Engels Thursday  Jamie Cox Tuesday
Lynn Frager
Christa Cable Tuesday 
Norine McMahon Thursday Kathy Weitzler  
Jen Muller  

Grade 1
Grade 5
Ashley Nehm   Lisa Goggi Tuesday
Laurie Judge Friday Jaclyn Sandoval  
Sue Matican  Monday Evelyn Willett Tuesday 
Jaclyn Olmo Monday    

Grade 2
Grade 6
Amanda Wheeler Thursday Kelly Balanca Tuesday
Lisa Delgrego Thursday Jodi Wiinikainen  
Jessica Rogers Thursday  Megan Muzzi

Lauren Barry  

Grade 3
Unified Arts
Melissa Cook Monday Ashley Preneta (Art) Monday
Michele Fraher   Todd Howes (PE) Tuesday
Maryann Madera Wednesday Joe Hudson (Music) Tuesday

  Stephanie Parker (Tech) Monday

Eileen Lawlor (Life Skills)  Prend
 Smart Start Staff    

 Jillian Clemente

Support Staff

 Vanessa Falcone  Monday Eugenie O'Callaghan Monday
 Becky Argonese
Deidra Mevety-Bauco  
Support Staff
Debbie Ruderman Monday
Carolyn Keller Thursday Patrice Green Monday
Nicole Kuna Monday Jaime Ferik Monday
James Chester Monday Patricia Biga
Vanessa Falcone Monday Jessica Skolozdra  
Surether Belton   Sarah Van Wyck  Tuesday
Corey McClennan   Bryana Eighmy   
Alexis Gilbert