Faculty and Staff

Principal: Ms. Amy Cosciello
Assistant Principal: TBA

Secretaries: Mrs. Korin & Mrs. Kershaw

 Nurse: Robin Frohle

Attendance Officer:Kizzyann Hall

Each classroom teacher will have a "conference day" in which he or she can help struggling students and meet with parents after school. 

Please contact your child's teacher if you would like to make arrangements.


Conference Day
Conference Day
Grade 4
Stephanie Engels   Jeanette Brito  
Lynn Frager
Christa Cable
Norine McMahon   Kelsey Peluso  
Jen Muller   Jeanine Spillane  

Grade 1
Grade 5
Laurie Judge
  Amanda Allain  
Ashley Nehm
  Amy Alsdorf  
Jaclyn Olmo
  Kimberly Hokanson   
Kathy Weitzler   Amanda Zambetti  

Grade 2
Grade 6
Kelsey Testi   Kelly Balanca  
Brenda Schull   Megan Muzzi  
Mimi Houston    Jodi Paper  
Jessica Rogers


Grade 3
Unified Arts
Melissa Cook   Ashley Preneta (Art)  
Maryann Madera   Todd Howes (PE)  
Jodi Wiinikainen   Joe Hudson (Music)  

  Stephanie Parker (Tech)  

Eileen Lawlor (Life Skills)  
 SPED Staff    
Debbie Ruderman   Support Staff
Jessica Skolozdra   Amy Rodriguez Interventionist
Eugenie O'Callaghan
Evelyn DeJesus Bilingual
Vanessa Falcone   Shelly Hydar DTI
Jill Clemente   Alexis Gilbert Math Specialist
Patrice Green   Heather King ELA Specialist
Patricia Biga   Katherine Guilliani-Groell ELS
Kathy Barbour   Jackie Liposky BCBA
    Shelly Hydar BCBA
    Elana Stein  Social Worker