Charger PRIDE

Charge PRIDE is the implementation of School-Wide Positive Behavioral Supports (SWPBS).  SWPBS is a decision-making framework that guides the selection, integration, and implementation of the best evidence-based academic and behavioral practices for improving important academic and behavior outcomes for all students.  It is a researched-based combination of practices that creates a positive school climate in which students can achieve behavioral and academic success. Students learn appropriate behaviors through instruction, practice, feedback and encouragement. With the consistency in behavior expectations, students learn that there are both consequences and rewards for their choices. Our expectations are captured in what we are calling CPPC:

Chargers Promoting Positive Change (CPPC)

Courtesy:              Treat others as you would want to be treated

Pride:                    Always give your best effort

Perseverance:      Work to overcome challenges

Cooperation:       Working together to achieve a common goal