PACE Program

Director of PACE:  Mr. Thomas Brockett

Pace Mission Statement

The PACE Alternative Education provides the BEST not the last chance for many students.  Innovative design, high expectations, and unique flexible learning options offer students at PACE the BEST chance of finding social and academic success.  We will continue to build a quality program in support of covering curriculum content areas to significantly increase educational experiences for our students.

The Positive and Creative Education (PACE) Program, housed in Ansonia High School, is an exceptionally successful alternative education program.  The PACE Program serves as a secondary school dropout diversion program for Ansonia students as well as students from Derby, Seymour, Stratford, Monroe, Naugatuck, Oxford, Prospect and Beacon Falls.  The ambitious and creative PACE staff work cooperatively to ensure the success of the program and its students.  PACE staff encourage students to value education and give back to the community.  A combination of both computer and traditional hands-on instruction is used to prepare students for life after high school. Through this program, students develop a sense of belonging, generosity, mastery, and independence. The passion and determination of the PACE staff has allowed the PACE program to expand and raise graduation rates.  Students are considered for the PACE program based on the following:  academic failure, behavioral issues, attendance/truancy issues, and special case recommendations.  

For more information or an orientation packet, contact Mr. Thomas Brockett, Director of PACE at (203)736-5060 or Mrs. Jill Keklik-Cimino, Social Worker, at (203) 954-0480.  

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PACE Forms:

  1. Referral Form
  2. Registration Form
  3. Student Information Survey
  4. Student Contract
  5. Internet Use Agreement Form (A New Form Must be Completed Each Year)

PACE article from the The Charger Pride (Ansonia High School's Student Newspaper):  "A Happy Pace"

PACE Student Testimonials:

Testimonial 1: 

 “When I was in the mainstream high school I use to not come To school and was very lazy. Then I got moved over to the p.a.c.e program, it was very different from the mainstream. I came to school a little more and my grades went up earning me credits. I feel like if I never came into p.a.c.e then it would be much harder for me to graduate or be where I'm at now. I've heard a lot of rumors about p.a.c.e and some of them are true and some are not.One change that the p.a.c.e program made me do is help me focus on what I wanna be in the future and to have hope. I use to wake up and look at the time and tell myself ill be fine, until the teachers told me to wake up and smell the coffee cause you get no second chances. The second change was that it helped me stay on task and become a lot more mature and grow up from the little petty stuff I use to do. These are the two main changes that happen to me in the p.a.c.e program. I plan on moving my way up to the top and pushing myself.

As my conclusion the p.a.c.e program helped me succeed than the mainstream by making me come to school more and finishing my work. Another one was making me realize what I wanna do with my life and making me see reality. Also p.a.c.e has helped me become way more mature by making me stay on task and not messing up. That is all what the p.a.c.e program has done for me and I know they can do more. I plan on rising to the top and walking out of Ansonia high school with a diploma in my hand and a smile on my face”.

Testimonial 2:

“When I was in the mainstream I had millions of distractions, no care in the world, and lack of respect. I rarely even came to school, let alone do my work. Most of the times I came to school I would when I felt I wanted to. I would come to school under the influence of… and just go to sleep through all of my classes. Whenever I was up I would be creating commotions with all my friends being disruptive as much as we can. Even when I went to a new school in a new town I still managed to find the wrong crowd and be the same way I was in freshman. If not, even worse than before.

Once I first came to alternative education I can honestly say it was the first step to me sort of turning my life around. The teachers pushed me in ways other teachers couldn’t. They wouldn’t give up on making you do your work. The teachers actually sit there on your back until the day you graduate. When I came to alternative ed. I almost immediately started to get better at focusing and getting my grades better do to the small classes and dedication the teachers have.

I think if I was still in the mainstream I most likely would still not have a care in the world. I probably would have already dropped out because when I left the alternative program and moved back into a mainstream my grades dropped tremendously making me believe I couldn’t do it. I believe PACE is one of the only ways id be able to graduate. They push me to do things I didn’t want to do and pushed me to do things I thought I couldn’t”. 

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