Student Device Help Request


  • If your child does not remember their log in credentials to get onto their device, please contact their teacher. They can provide you with your students username and password.
  • Let us know what happened with the device in a brief, but detailed explanation. If you do not provide enough details for us to replace a device, we will reach out to you in an email to provide us with further details. If you do not respond, the device will not be replaced.
  • If the device needs to be replaced, make sure the student returns the device to the school. If the old device is not returned back to the school, the replacement device will not be given to the student.
  • If Parent/Guardian contact information is not provided and we cannot contact you, the replacement technology will not be replaced.


  • This form is for Parents/Guardians and Students. Do not submit tickets for students without contacting the technology department beforehand. Failure to do so will mean the technology will not be replaced.


  • If you are a teacher or staff member who signed out a device and are having technical difficulties, please submit a SchoolDude request.