Student Registration Form Grades K-12

This is for Grades K-12 ONLY. 

If you need to register a student for Pre-K, please click HERE.

Please fill out all 3 forms below.

Once a form is completed, please click "Submit" on the bottom of the form BEFORE moving to the next form. Failure to do so will not send the form, and registration will not be completed.

IMPORTANT NEXT STEPS: Once all 3 forms are completed, you will be contacted by the registration office within 1-2 days to set up an appointment to complete the registration. The required documents you will need to submit after the registration office contacts you are, students birth certificate, most current physical with immunizations, a current utility bill, and your lease agreement or mortgage statement (if you rent, we need the landlords name and phone number).  A certificate of residence form is required when living with someone (this form can be found at central office). Central Office will let you know what other academic records may be required.

Please fill out all 3 forms. Registration will not be completed without all 3 forms completed. Click "Submit" on the bottom of the form before moving on to the next form.