Student Data Privacy

Data Privacy Practices

Our Commitment to Parents & Guardians: Transparent Data Privacy Practices at Ansonia Public Schools

Parents and guardians want assurances that personal information and data about their children are secured and protected. These questions are rising as we use the Internet, mobile apps, cloud computing, online learning, and new technologies to deliver exciting new education services. At Ansonia Public Schools, we strive to be clear about what data we collect, how data supports a child's education, and the safeguards in place to protect that data. Scroll down to read more.

Data we collect and why?

School Operation

We collect data such as addresses, phone numbers, gender, and age, as well as information to ensure student safety and accurate reporting to help run our operations efficiently.

Measuring student progress

We collect data such as attendance, grades, and participation in school activities to enable students to succeed.

improving student education

We collect results and content from local, state, and national assessments to provide teachers, administrators, parents, state, and federal agencies important information about student, program, and school performance.

striving to meet student needs

We collect surveys and other feedback to improve teaching and learning.


current applications that use student information:

Ansonia Public Schools utilizes multiple applications to support students and learning. Not all of these applications use student information. The link below is a list of applications Ansonia Public Schools has in place that do use student information.

list of applications

how is education data protected?