Core Values

Ansonia High School

Core Values, Beliefs, and Learning Expectations

Core Values

Courtesy   ·   Pride   ·   Perseverance   ·   Cooperation

 Chargers Promoting Positive Change 


The mission of AHS is to prepare all students to reach their potential by teaching them the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary for academic, civic, and social success. Students will be college and career ready in the ever-changing technological world of the 21st century by meeting high expectations, engaging in authentic problem solving, and utilizing critical thinking.


Academic Expectations

  • Apply critical thinking skills to solve problems
  • Access, evaluate, apply, and communicate information and ideas through writing, speaking, and effective use of technology
  • Read effectively for a variety of purposes
  • Work independently, reflectively, and/or collaboratively to accomplish goals


Civic Expectation

  • Demonstrate service to the school and community

    Social Expectation

  • Demonstrate respect for self, others and property within our school community

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving


Oral Presentation


Reading for Understanding

Work (independently, reflectively, collaboratively)



Approved:  BOE  03/07/2012

Revised and Approved:  BOE 11/02/2016