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Summer Wellness Resources

With the challenges that students and their families are facing during this pandemic, the guidance staff  share this list of mental health and parenting resources to help bridge the long gap of summer.  Here are some resources we recommend: - Information and tools related to mental health, parenting, and addressing current events with children. - Resources related to basic needs, crisis, medical care, mental health services. - Information related to parenting and mental health - Information related to coping with the pandemic. - Services related to children's behavior and mental health. - Mental health programs and services for adults, children, and families. - Educational activities for children.

Mindfulness and meditation: Calm app, Headspace app, Mind Yeti app and Mind Yeti on YouTube

Drawing, coloring, arts and crafts are a great way for kids (and adults too!) to cope with their feelings and express their feelings. 

Find an enjoyable way to move your body, and try to get outside whenever you can. Walk, jog, play with a ball, do yard work, jump rope, use sidewalk chalk to decorate the pavement or even draw an obstacle course or hopscotch for your family to do. YouTube has many physical activity videos, for example if you search for "fitness games for kids," "brain break," or "Go Noodle".